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Virgin and Child with the Infant St John

Author: Pieter Paul Rubens
Century: XVI°
DATE: XVII century POSITION: Molin chapel - back wall (on map n°7) MEASUREMENT: - METHOD: oil painting on paper and canvas

The painting, done on paper and later applied to the canvas, was damaged by a fire from an earlier epoch. The central figures are almost unanimously attributed to Rubens, while the completion of the background seems to be by another artist, probabily a local painter. The only Venetian work by the Flemish maestro. 

The figure of the Virgin, with her rich incarnation, literally invades the scene, anticipating in its small form the magniloquence and exuberance that Rubens demonstrates in his larger works. This work represents a similiar layout to the great paintings of the Italian Renaissance studied in Venice, Genoa, and Rome since 1600.
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