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Virgin and Child, Saint Catherine and Brother Spaventi

Author: Paolo Caliari known as Veronese
Century: XVI°
DATE: 1578-1580  POSITION: left wall - Grimani chapel (on map n°20) MEASUREMENT: 56x67 cm METHOD: oil painting

The six side chapels were placed from 1544-1553, and were modelled from the already exsisting side chapels that had been completed for quite some time.

Marcantonio Grimani's chapel (the third on the left) is the most important historically and artistically. The other two on the left were built after (1552-1553) in direct care of the monastery, but in retrospect subsidized by a generous donation of the same Marcantonio Grimani.

However, the three chapels on the right, are a product of the intermediate expansion phase and follow Grimani's prototype.

In addition to the rich marble ornaments and his own sepulchre tombstone, Marcantonio Grimani wanted to add his own bust and the two Saints Mark and Anthony, all three autographed by Alessandro Vittoria. In addition are Oration in the Garden, and the Deposition in the Sepulchre on the sides, the Kiss of Juda on the vault, and the Resurrection on the back wall, all attributed without a doubt to the last years of Schiavone's activity.

Virgin and Child, St Catherine and Brother Spaventi are located on the altar.
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