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The Evangelists Luke and Matthew

Author: Jacopo Robusti known as Tintoretto
Century: XVI°
DATE: 1552 POSITION: presbytery - left wall (on map n° 13) MEASUREMENT: 259x150 cm METHOD: oil painting

This structure, originally part of the organ, was realised in 1547 by Vincenzo Colombis from Casale Monferrato; in 1552 the procurator of the church entrusted the painted decorations to Jacopo Tintoretto. This commission did not involve the Maestro from the start, but began working on the paintings with a second agreement stipulated March 6th in 1577. From this moment, the two doors of the organ with the Four Evangelists were quickly completed.

The project also forsaw the Four Sibyls of Salviati, originally located in the choir and currently situated on the opposite wall of the façade.

In 1668 the organ was rebuilt by Domenico Ruggia and Michiel Maes with decorations by Antonio Zanchi, as seen today.
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