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Stories of the Old Testament: Joshua and the Taking of Jerico

Author: Lazzaro Bastiani
Century: XV°
POSITION: opposite of the façade - right side (on map n°3) MEASUREMENT: 88x81 cm METHOD: tempera

The work consists of eight little panels, originally from the organ in the Saint Mary of the Virgins Church, demolished under the orders of the Napoleonic Viceroy Eugenio Beauharnais on July 28 of 1806.

Among the few surviving works, these panels represent the Stories of the Old Testament and were procured in 1842, for the Church of Sant'Alvise by abbot Francesco Driuzzo. They should be accompanied by another two paintings, currently conserved in Correr Museum's deposit, that represent Adam and Eve, and David and Sunamite.

Their luck, thanks to experts, is rather interesting. First John Ruskin attributes the authorship to young Carpaccio: the success of this attribution and the painter himself are confirmed by a late and falsified signature 'Vittor Carpaccio' common in paintings around the end of '700. 

The current critique attributes this series of works to Lazzaro Bastiani, an active artist in Venice between 1449 and 1512.

These paintings act as valuble documents for the history of Venetian customs during the XV century, and have traces of pre-Renaissance architectural elements.
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