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Saint Sebastian e Saint Rocco

Author: Angelo Barbier known as Trevisani
Century: XVIII°
DATE: 1720  POSITION: first altar on the left MEASUREMENTS: 260 x 123 cm  METHOD: oil painting

The first altar on the left was commissioned in 1689 by Giovanni Benzon, and contains an altarpiece by Angelo known as Barbier Trevisani (1669-1753).

The work was done in noticeable chiaroscuro tones which are a bit excessive. As seen from the dark colors which show San Sebasiano's white complexion lit disproportionately, and he seems to be almost be held up by San Rocco, leaving an unexplained shadow.

Among the shadows, the angel is holding the martyr's left arm and just visible over his left shoulder is a faint outline of the angel's face. Arrows are a bit everywhere, even on the ground abandoned armor is visable and the inevitable crouching dog of Saint Rocco.

At the top, a cherub displays a crown and the typical palm of martyrdom.
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