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Monument to Doge Giovanni Pesaro

Author: Baldassarre Longhena, Melchior Barthel, Bernardo Falcone da Lugano
Century: XVII°
POSITION: left nave (on the map n°4) METHOD: sculpture MATERIAL: marble

The Pesaro family had their burial chapel in the sacristy apse, but had this magnificent mausoleum erected only for the one who was elected as Doge.

The project was carried out by Baldassare Longhena, the marble statues were done by Melchior Bartel of Dresden, while the two skeletons and two bronze monsters placed under the ducal throne were done by Bernardo Falcone Lugano.

There are four telemones who resemble Moorish slaves supporting the stucture and are placed upon four festoon decorated pedestals. Among them there are two bronze skeletons that hold long gold-lettered inscriptions on marble drapery.

Above the entablature, the space is divided by four black marble columns; in the central section under a red marble brocade canopy, the doge is seated on a throne. The allegories of Religion and the Value are placed on the left side, and Understanding and Justice to the right. Below these, along the entablature, there are four other allegorical figures arranged. The structure finishes with two small angels or putti in the center who hold a cloth with the Pesaro family's coat of arms and a crown.
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