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Crucified Christ with Saints

Author: Giulia Lama
Century: XVIII°
DATE: 1730 POSITION: second altar on the left
MEASUREMENTS: 330 x 152 cm METHOD: oil painting

The altar of the SS. Sacrament, the second on the left, was entrusted to the care of the homonomous confraternity in 1520.

The Crucified Christ with Saints altarpiece, by Giulia Lama (Venice 1681-1747 ), shows a set of pleading women and Apostles at the bottom of the painting and the scene moves upwards through the figure of the crucified Christ on the right; two small angels or putti are crying in front of Christ, above there is the dove of the Holy Spirit, and the Father himself.

The painting, with its authentic invoice, recalls Piazzetta's style more so in the use of light and dark rather than in the design, the coloring therefore reinforces the dramatic presentation.
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