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Ceiling - Architectural perspectives and figures

Author: Pietro Antonio Torri and Pietro Ricchi
Century: XVII°
DATE: post 1674  POSITION: ceiling (on map n°1) METHOD: oil painting

In 1666, the congregations that served Sant'Alvise had their definitive ceiling layout and in 1678 the overhaul of the roof began, as well as the 600 square meter internal ceiling decoration by Pietro Antonio Torri and Pietro Ricchi, who depicted a heavenly Jerusalem and dramatic architecture. 

There are two inscriptions located on the ceiling: Domus mea domus orationis est placed toward the façade and Vigilate et orate towards the apse.

St Peter and St Paul are depicted on the side towards the façade, and Saints John and James are on the presbytery side.
On either side of the midline, of the wide painted surface, are two monastic figures framed in a laurel column, wrapped in a halo of light, and surrounded by the Four Evangelists. A longitudinal axis connects the Cross, above the entrance door, to the Chalice on the arch that leads to the altar.

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