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Churches >  Church of Sant'Alvise
Ascent to Calvary

Author: Giambattista Tiepolo
Century: XVIII°
DATE: 1737-1740 ca.  POSITION: right wall of the nave (on map n°12)  MEASUREMENT: 450x517 cm  METHOD: oil painting

The church of Sant'Alvise hosts three works by Tiepolo, Crowning with ThornsFlagellation, and the Ascent to Calvary; the first two are respectively located in the nave on the right, and the third on the presbytery. 

The three paintings were done from around 1737 to 1740 at the peak of the artist's maturity, completed immediately after the frescos in the Church of the Gesuati, works with which his name became firmly established in the city. During these years the artist achieves an outstanding richness of color and an equally extraordinary compositional freedom even more evident in the frescoes than the paintings on canvas.

The works of Sant'Alvise, clearly inspired by the 16th century model, are significant bothin terms of composition and color.  

The central canvas placed on the presbytery is certainly, among the three, the most openly dramatic. The Crowning and the Flagellation were both carried out on an architectural background, introduced with small staircases, and have groups of people who observe the scene. In both cases, the suffering figure of Christ stands out in the background and gives a highly emotional impact.
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