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The church of san Giuseppe di Castello was built in 1512, as it is stated in a decree by the Venetian Senate and then entrusted to Augustins nuns.

The building, whose architect is unknown, rise along a canal. The left-hand side of the church which looks on the “fondamenta” along the canal presents a series of double pilaster strips spaced out by semi-circular windows belonging to a successive epoch. The hut-shaped façade has just one remarkable architectural element, represented by elaborated tympanum above the portal, representing The Adoration of the Magi by Giulio Dal Moro.

The interior is a single nave and above the main entrance there is the barco, the tribune that held the nuns’ choir, once united to the nunnery. In 1582 Doge Marino Grimani and Paolo Veronese signed a contract for an altarpiece to be placed on the main altar af the church of San Giuseppe di Castello.

The painting was intended to commemorate the patron’s father, a procurator of St Mark’s, Girolamo Grimani. The painting was completed a year and half later probably with the assistance of workshop.
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