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Fundamental to an understanding of early 18th century Venetian painting, the Church of San Stae (Sant'Eustachio) is itself a strikingly coherent architectural whole. The opulent Grand Canal façade of San Stae is the work of Domenico Rossi (1709) and is adorned with sculptures. Giovanni Grassi's late-17th-century interior reveals the clear influence of Palladio. The single nave is flanked on each side by three open chapels, and half-way down the church the paving is occupied by a large tombstone that marks the burial place of the Mocenigo family. Passing in order along the altars of the south wall, you can see important works by Nicolò Bambini, Giuseppe Camerata and Antonio Balestra (who decorated the chapel of the Goldsmiths' Guild, whose scuola is next-door to the church).


San StaeSan StaeSan StaeSan Stae 

On the north wall, the chapels contain works by Torretto, Migliori and Amigoni respectively. The ceiling of the presbytery is decorated with a large canvas by Bartolomeo Letterini, whilst on the two side walls - above and below the two works by Giuseppe Angeli - are twelve smaller canvasses depicting the Apostles. By various artists, these works include such absolute masterpieces as The Martyrdom of St. Bartholomew by the young Giambattista Tiepolo, The Martyrdom of St. James by Giambattista Piazzetta and The Liberation of St. Peter by Sebastiano Ricci. In the Sacristy there are also some interesting works such as Pietro Vecchia's Dead Christ and Giambattista Pittoni's Trajan ordering St. Eustache to adore Pagan Idols.

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